The difference between high-end T-shirt customization and regular T-shirt customization

When you hear the word "high-end" when customizing a high-end T-shirt, it feels obvious that the price is relatively expensive. Of course, there must be a difference in customization prices between high-end T-shirts and regular T-shirts, but quality cannot be judged by price, otherwise you will fall into the trap of "high-end".   Only by knowing the difference between high-end T-shirt customization and regular T-shirt customization can one avoid being trapped by "high-end" traps. The so-called "high-end" always refers to quality, not appearance. Nowadays, some so-called high-end T-shirts are customized with fashionable styles and high-end visual effects, especially with superb photography and photo editing techniques. Coupled with the term "high-end T-shirt customization", many enterprises are trapped, but when they actually get them, the difference is far. How to avoid falling into the trap of "high-end T-shirt customization"

Detailed interpretation of heat transfer printing and hot stamping technology

 Heat transfer printing and hot stamping can be divided into many types: PET low-temperature hot stamping, offset hot stamping, washing label hot stamping, foaming hot stamping, flocking hot stamping, elastic swimsuit hot stamping, reflective hot stamping, non-woven fabric hot stamping, etc. Heat transfer printing manufacturers provide a variety of hot stamping products to meet customer needs. So, heat transfer printing and hot stamping products not only need multiple varieties, but also what characteristics should they have to win customers. 1. Heat transfer printing and hot stamping characteristics: It has advantages such as high temperature resistance, water washing resistance, and weather resistance. A-grade hot stamping uses imported polyurethane material, which will not rebound at minus 60 degrees Celsius and will not become hard or brittle at minus 30 degrees Celsius. It has undergone 20 American standard washing machine tests and is qualified before leaving the factory. It has

Analyze the characteristics of several large knitted fabrics

 Modern knitted fabrics are more colorful and have entered a stage of multifunctional and high -end development. The development of various texture effects and new type of knitted fabrics with different texture effects and different functions brings unprecedented sensory effects and visual effects to knitted products. 1. Polyester color knitted fabric: Polyester color knitted fabric is based on dyeing low -bullet polyester wires as raw materials. Different colors are configured according to design requirements. Essence Common flower shapes, grids, flowers, people, animals, animals, landscapes, geometric patterns, etc. The fabric is bright, beautiful, and colorful, the texture is tight and thick, the texture is clear, the shape of the hair is strong, and it has a style of woolen fabric flowers. Mainly used as men and women's clothing, suit, trench coat, vest, skirt, jacket fabric, children's clothing, etc. 2. Polyester -knitting labor fabric: Polyester knitted labor fabric, also

Knowledge of knitted fabrics of clothing fabrics

 Knitting is a fabric formed by bending the yarn into circles and stringing of each other. The difference between knitted fabrics and woven fabrics is that the shape of the yarn in the fabric is different. Knite is divided into Weft Knitted Fabric and Warp Knitted Fabric. At present, knitted fabrics are widely used in clothing fabrics and librarys, home textiles and other products, which are loved by consumers. Knitting fabrics are fabrics connected from the coil to each other, and are a large variety of fabrics. Knitting fabrics have good elasticity, hygroscopic breathability, comfortable and warm and warm. It is the most widely used fabric for children's clothing. The raw materials are mainly hot fibers such as cotton and linen hair. There are many and unique appearances. In the past, it was mostly used for underwear, T -shirts, etc. Today, with the development of the knitting industry and the birth of the new collation process, the use of knitted fabrics has changed greatly, and

What fabrics do T -shirts make? Comparison of several fabrics

 Polyester cotton hexagonal fabric 1. 140-160 grams of cotton-tagged cotton hexagonal mesh 65%cotton 35%polyester fabric is thin, suitable for summer wear, comfortable, cool, economic durable, not shrinking, low price, suitable for large-scale activities. 2. 180-200 grams of cotton-tagged cotton-tiered hexagonal mesh 65%cotton 35%polyester fabric is thin, suitable for summer wear, comfortable, cool, economic durable, not shrinking, suitable for large-scale activities. 3. 220-260 grams of cotton-tiered hexagonal mesh 65%cotton 35%polyester. The fabric has a moderate thickness and a meticulous feel. It is more suitable for spring and summer. 4. 220-260 grams of cotton-tuned cotton-tiered hexagonal mesh 35%cotton 65%polyester. The fabric is moderate and the feel is detailed. It is more suitable for spring and summer to wear. It is comfortable to wear sweat-absorbing and breathable. 5. 270-300 grams of cotton-tiered hexagonal mesh 65%cotton 35%polyester, the fabric grams are high, the fabr

Buying a T -shirt, choosing fabrics is the key

 It is indispensable for the comfort and fit of the T -shirt. Especially in summer, whether it is going to work or working, smart men will take it as the first choice. And men's T -shirts are both comfortable and can be truly ironed, which means that they have the appearance of chemical fiber and the feel of cotton. Therefore, silk and glue fibers in domestic markets are the most common. How to choose your favorite T -shirt according to different fabrics, how to clean and maintain T -shirts.   1. Ordinary cotton fabric      Casual T -shirts mostly use ordinary cotton fabrics. The T -shirt of this fabric is comfortable, but it is slightly worse.   2. Silk cotton fabric      Silk cotton fabrics use cotton as raw materials, make high weaving gauze by refined texture, and then make special processing processes such as fur and silk light to make a polished, soft and anti -wrinkle high -quality silk gauze. The high -quality knitted fabric made of this raw material not only completely ret

What are the common underwear fabrics? Underwear fabric

 For women, underwear is essential. In order to protect the breasts, women must wear bras daily. Underwear is a loyal guardian of our breasts and a intimate partner. When women wear bras, they are convenient and their body is beautiful, and the protection and modification effect coexist. The texture of underwear is also very important. After all, wearing underwear is not just for beauty, it is more important to be healthy. Let ’s take a look at the differences between different fabrics between various underwear to see which you are suitable. All -cotton: The texture of the whole cotton is soft and comfortable. It has unique breathability and sweat absorption. It is the best material for making underwear. At the same time, it is also the main material of most underwear. At the same time, the color dyed from cotton has a natural atmosphere, which is difficult to replace by other fabrics. Real Silk: The real silk is famous for its beauty, lightness, soft and smooth, and it has long been l

T -shirt fabric's flax fabric

 Therefore, among the T-shirt fabrics, it has the fabric called "natural air conditioner". The T-shirt made of this fabric can be 5-8 degrees lower than the other pure cotton or chemical fiber T-shirts. It is a very magical fabric, and it is also the best fabric for wearing a T -shirt in summer! So what is this fabric? It's linen fabric! As long as people who wear linen T -shirts know, in fact, linen is the best raw material for T -shirts! Because linen has the breathability, refreshing and humidity of other fabrics, the T -shirts made of linen fabrics have the characteristics of comfort, softness, sweat absorption and other characteristics! The linen fabric is also known as the nobles in the fabric of T -shirts, and the natural price is relatively expensive. We don't need to buy a T -shirt with linen fabrics, but we must know what fabric T -shirt is the best!

Chemical fiber fabric T -shirt advantages and disadvantages

 The ingredients of the blended fabric T/C have chemical fiber and cotton. Since there are cotton T -shirts, naturally there are T -shirts made of pure chemical fiber components. This is 100%chemical fiber fabric T -shirt! This kind of T -shirt is not only worse than a cotton T -shirt, and even low -grade than the T/C made of t/C, which is mixed with spinning fabrics. Generally, it belongs to cheap T -shirts in actual use! As a master who has been engaged in T -shirt customization and processing for many years, I personally contact the most T -shirts that I have come into contact with the most T -shirts. This is also no way. High -end T -shirts are far from low -end T -shirts. There is no way to compare, this can also be seen that the consumption level of our people is now! However, although 100%chemical fiber fabric T -shirt does not have such T -shirts such as cotton, it also has its unique advantages, that is, smooth and comfortable, colorful! Of course, there are many shortcomings,

Features of cotton and polyester cotton

 Common fabrics used for T -shirt cultural shirts include: pure cotton sweat cloth, double -sided double -sided sides of polyester cotton, and cotton, polyester cotton hexagonal, quad -corner mesh, human character patterns, composite tattoos, band -sized nets, etc.    The characteristics of polyester cotton fabric: The feel is soft and thick, the washing is not easy to deform, but the comfort is slightly worse than that of pure cotton. Common polyester cotton is 80%cotton, 20%polyester or 65%cotton, 35%polyester ratio.    The characteristics of cotton fabric: better feel, comfortable and environmentally friendly. The grams of grams is generally between 160 grams and 300 grams. If it is too thin, it will be very transparent. Generally, 21 and 32, referring to the average length of cotton fiber, the higher the softer, and the veil is divided into general gauze, semi -essence and fine gauze, and the surface of the fabric will be relatively rough, especially dark color, especially dark col